Non-surgical Full face treatment

Non-surgical Full face treatment


In our clinic, the face is treated as a whole

Thanks to the cooperation of the orthodontist with the dermatologist, the smile is primarily corrected with orthodontic treatment and imperfections of the facial features are improved or corrected, if the need arises.

The above are carried out with invisible methods, painless and bloodless, giving a completely natural result, without anyone having to cross the threshold of the surgery.

Μη χειρουργικό Full face treatment
Orthodontic Aligners Invisalign

As far as orthodontic treatment is concerned, the method we mostly use is with invisible Invisalign orthodontic braces. An innovative state-of-the-art method in which orthodontic treatment can be performed on people of any age, since it is far from the classic methods with classic braces.

Non surgical Full face treatment


Once the smile is corrected, there may be some problems either in the jaw or in the soft tissues of the face, which are not solved by orthodontic treatment alone and need further treatment (we always refer to cases where development is complete, i.e. adults). Of these, a small percentage, concerning very severe cases of deviation of the jaws, will be taken to the surgery, in order to restore the problem.

However, the majority of cases – in which the problems are primarily aesthetic – can have an excellent result with the intervention of a dermatologist, without the need to undergo surgery.

Non-surgical Full face treatment
Gummy smile

One case is when the patient has a gummy smile, and by gummy smile we define that smile in which a large amount of gum is exposed. There are of course many causes that lead to a gummy smile and depending on the cause we intervene in the respective way.

  • One cause is the wrong position of the teeth and then only orthodontic treatment is sufficient to restore the smile, without the intervention of the dermatologist.

  • Another cause of a gummy smile is severe upper lip twitching, a condition where botulinum toxin injection is the treatment of choice. We inject the botulinum toxin and the muscle around the nose relaxes so that it does not contract so much and the problem is restored.

  • Finally, another cause that leads to a gummy smile is the large development of the upper jaw, where there is an increased vertical dimension of the body of the upper jaw. In this case, the appropriate treatment is the surgical repair of the problem, however, the injection of botulinum toxin can significantly improve the gummy smile.

Non surgical Full face treatment
Pogonos hypoplasia

Another case is hypoplasia of the chin (i.e. the chin), which however creates a negative profile and in order to perfect the image of the patient we create a chin by injecting hyaluronic acid.

In severe cases, where hypoplasia of the lower jaw is present, we achieve a very good aesthetic result by injecting hyaluronic acid not only in the chin but also in the corner of the lower jaw, the so-called jawline.

In severe cases, where hypoplasia of the lower jaw is present, we achieve a very good aesthetic result by injecting hyaluronic acid not only in the chin but also in the corner of the lower jaw (the so-called jawline).

Non-surgical Full face treatment
Nose and Lips

Finally, as part of shaping the profile in the optimal way, we can also intervene on the nose and offer a type of rhinoplasty or on the lips, either by improving the outline, or by giving a little more volume that is lost over the years, depending on the needs of every face, always with a natural effect so that the wonderful smile stands out even more.

These treatments

Non surgical Full face treatment

  • They are quick, from 10 min when it comes to correcting the gummy smile to 20 min for a rhinoplasty and 30-40 min when there are more needs.

  • They are painless (We use an anesthetic cream, or nothing, because usually hyaluronic acid contains lidocaine)

  • They are done in just 1 session

  • They have an immediate effect, especially in the case of hyaluronic acid. The effect is maximized within the first month, while in botulinum toxin injection the effect is visible from the third to the fifteenth day.

  • They have no recovery time at all. This means that the patient can immediately return to his social and professional obligations. (These treatments abroad are characterized as lunch break treatments)

The effect of botulinum toxin lasts for several months. Around 4-6 months is its duration in the specific application area. As for hyaluronic acid, here its duration is longer and depends on the area of ​​application. On average it takes 12 months up to 18 months in some areas. Therefore, the treatment is repeated every 1 to 1.5 years.