teen (εφήβων)


Braces offer very good oral hygiene, as they are removable and at the same time we avoid white spots.

The orthodontic technique of Invisalign’s transparent braces can also be successfully applied to teenagers, correcting any orthodontic problem in a percentage that reaches 100%. Orthodontic braces for teenagers are changed every 10 days and the procedure remains the same as for adults.

The braces method is an increasingly preferred choice of teenagers who turn to us for their orthodontic treatment. This is due to the fact that it is a milder method, without limiting their activities and lifestyle, while offering the same results as classic treatments with braces.

Αdditional benefits of teen in are:
  1. They are preferred by teenagers involved in sports or wind musical instruments because, there are zero injuries due to the flexible nature of the material used for its production.
  2. They offer very good oral hygiene, because they are removable and we avoid the white spots (decalcification of enamel) that may result from the classic treatment with braces, due to poor oral hygiene.
  3. Also, the splints have special indicators on them that change color the longer the patient wears them, thus having a better picture of the patients’ cooperation and the progress of the treatment.
  4. The most common concern from parents regarding Invisalign Teen treatment is what happens if the brace is lost. So, this case does not create a problem, because we have the possibility of replacing up to 5 times. 

  5. Invisalign teen can be adjusted to teeth changes in case the patient has not yet changed all their teeth.